Are you a member of a FIMCAP youth organization? Do you love Festivals? Do you want to meet new people from different European countries? Or do you even play in a band? Then Kulti19 is the right place for you!

Kulti19 is organized by members of Jungwacht Blauring (Jubla) Switzerland. You as a leader of a FIMCAP youth organization are invited to be part of it. One of the focuses of this leader festival is networking. We want you, your international committee, the leaders of your local group or any other (former) members to be part of this mad weekend.


It's important that you don't buy your ticket in the official Kulti19-ticketstore! Scroll down to "What are my next steps" to find out what you have to do next when you want to be a part of Kulti19. 

30.08. – 01.9. 2019 (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) in Härkingen (Canton Solothurn, Switzerland)

Kulti19 is like a festival – but better. Besides enjoying good music, live performances by bands and beer you can also meet a lot of European and mainly Swiss youth leaders. At Kulti19 you can -if you feel like it - play games, dance, be creative, enjoy nature, share your experiences as a youth leader and also experience quiet and reflective moments. Our target group are members of a FIMCAP youth organisation, who are between 16 (not younger!) and around 35 years old. You can be involved on any level in your organisation (local, regional, national, trainer, any committee ...). You can also be a former member. You should know at least basic German or English in order to have a conversation with others but also to read information, the menu etc.

Normal entrance fee (ticket), including tent, for three days: 60 Euros / CHF

It is also possible to work before, during or after the festival. If you work for a certain amount of hours, you can get a cheaper ticket. Also, if you work we reimburse you half of the price of your train ticket within Switzerland. Working means: helping building things, working behind a bar, helping out security staff, collecting trash, teaching Folk dances, or helping with the cleanup after the festival and many other things. We would also love to have one or two bands from a FIMCAP member organization! The exact possibilities for volunteering will be announced soon.

Ticket price if you work 8 hours: 40 Euros / CHF

Ticket price if you work 12 (or more) hours: free entrance


This festival ticket price does not include meals (approximate prices: 1meal = 10 Euro, 1 beer or soft drink = 3 Euro). It is also possible to bring some (!) food and drinks from outside. If needed, it is possible to arrive on the 29th or leave on the 02nd. We would organise accommodation for you. If you come to the festival as a helper to set up or take down the festival site, you would obviously arrive / leave one or two days before / after the festival.


As we are still in the first steps of planning at the moment, we cannot tell you exactly where you would sleep if you arrive early. Most probably we could host you on the festival ground. Otherwise- depending on the number of internationals - we would provide a host family, tents or one big shared room (like a gym) for you. Estimated price for extended accommodation (excluding meals): 15 Fr. / night (but will most likely be free) If you arrive at Zurich Airport you can get the train to Olten (direct train, 50 minutes. The train ride costs (one way): 30 Euros (15 if you work for 8 or 12 hours see above for conditions). We will pick you up at the train station in Olten and bring you to your accommodation by car or train for free.

Save the date in your calendar! Tell all your friends about this great opportunity! The more the merrier!

Email Dominique ( if you:

  • want to come to the festival
  • need information about accommodation or transportation
  • want to volunteer at the festival
  • want to play at the festival with your band
  • have any other questions